Sunday, 14 December 2014

Smart Wallet Tip: The Worn Out Coin Edition

"Great investing is simple. The harder you work at it, the less money you’re likely to make." - anon

People who focus on constantly shifting their money from here to there to earn more money, in truth do not make much money and if they do, they might call it skill, but it is just luck.

Just like a coin that changes hands so often that in the process it becomes rounded and dull, moving your
money around from one investment vehicle to another open it to all sorts of risks, fees and penalties.

Great investors, diversify their money, buy when its cheap and leave it to mature and then reap the benefits. Active investors worry about the next big gain, the next dip, the latest headlines, the latest push in the market, and they lose in the long term (or maybe get the same as a passive investor, if they are lucky).

Start investing small, and diligently build up a portfolio, add to it every paycheck or at the end of every year. From the small acorn will grow a mighty oak.

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