Thursday, 31 July 2014

Money Saving Apps and Sites: FPL edition

Welcome to the "Money Saving Apps and Sites" feature on the site. The idea here is to list and discuss mobile apps, blogs and websites that are designed to help us save or earn money in our day to day life.

Money Saving Apps and Sites: FPL edition

This time round we will be looking at a great free site called Free Postcode Lottery.

What is it? Its a free lottery which randomly selects a postcode daily. If your postcode is selected you win the pot (which at the moment is £40 a day, but this rolls over if the winner does not collect it within 24 hours). Recently they have had their highest ever payout of £320. So go and join the site with your postcode, and remember it could be you!

If multiple people from the same postcode win (i.e. you and your neighbour), only the claimants get the prize split evenly between you. If anyone forgets to claim within 24 hours, they lose out of their share of the pot.

The site is paid for by adverts, but after having used it for a few months, I assure you there is no malware or adware on the site. It is run by one generous person and it is pretty automated. You get a draw reminder everyday by email (you can opt out of emails), click the link and check the postcode.
If you scroll to the bottom of the page, there is a mini £10 draw at the bottom of the page, so you might win £10 on any day - even if you do not win the main prize that day..

But wait, that's not all, for every day you visit you get a penny added to 'your' bonus. You can increase this bonus by doing a whole host of things. Current bonus boosting tasks include, shopping at tesco through a referral link on the site for an extra £5, liking them on facebook, referring friends and booking train tickets. It may not seem like a lot, but some people have bonuses of £30 just waiting to be picked up. Should you win, you get paid the bonus alongside your winnings.

So, there you have it, great little freebie. What are you waiting for?

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