Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Money Saving Apps and Sites: LFS edition

Welcome to the "Money Saving Apps and Sites" feature on the site. The idea here is to list and discuss mobile apps, blogs and websites that are designed to help us save or earn money in our day to day life.

Money Saving Apps and Sites: LFS edition

It has been a while since I last posted a Money Saving Apps and Sites post. This one has been waiting a while, but I have been a tad bit busy with a small business idea I have been working on.

So is a website but also provides apps for both the apple and android platforms. And is crammed full of freebies!

Commercial samples, perfumes, beauty, food, snacks - they have it all. In essence its a group effort to find and collate all sorts of freebies available on the web. All of the links are vetted and double checked, so you wont be scammed.

However, as you've probably learned from reading some of the previous SmartWallet articles, we would strongly recommend that you set up a new free email address, which will give you a google+ profile, and you can use that to setup a free facebook and twitter account. That should give you all the accounts you will need to claim freebies on this site or elsewhere. The free social media accounts are a good way to avoid having to remember so many usernames/passwords for sites - although you can use a generic username/password across most sites giving away freebies.

This disposable account stops spam and all the mailing lists you will get signed up for. Thats the only reason why all these companies are giving away free samples - so they can market more stuff at you - didn't you know?

Other than this caveat, the site is a great place to pick up small freebies. I don't check everyday, but when I do once a week or fortnight, I usually pick up several freebies. Today I have got myself a free sample of Aveeno Moisturising cream, Pantene shampoo, a 'skinaid' sample, a Venus razor for the missus, a free bar of Cadbury's chocolate, and a free ebook download. Not bad for 10 minutes of surfing the web.

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