Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Car Insurance Scam: Scammed By The Insurers 2

This is a continuation of my previous post.

After the phone call, I read all of the emails and letters they had sent me (luckily I do keep these important letters organised in a metal filing box). Now this left me confused, I could not find any letter or email that specified this £75 fee. In particular, their initial email stated:

"It is also important that you read the full Policy Booklet, Your Statement of Information, Your Motor Policy Schedule and Your Certificate of Motor Insurance, which together, form the basis of the insurance cover you have purchased to ensure that it meets your demands and needs and you are familiar with all aspects of cover given to you and in what circumstances this may be excluded or limited. Policy Key Facts and Full Policy Wordings can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on 'Policy Wordings' from the GoSkippy website"

So, I read the "policy booklet", "statement of information", "motor policy schedule", "certificate of motor insurance" and finally on their website their "Policy Wordings" (they have several PDF files, I read the Southern Rock one, as that was the underwriter for this policy). This is what it said about cancellation:

"Where We do not receive evidence of Your no claim discount, licences for all drivers named on Your Policy or any other valid requests to support the accuracy of information You gave Us and on which Your insurance Terms are based upon, within 21 days from the start date of the Policy. If We have not received such evidence by the end of the 21 day period, We may issue a cancellation letter and We will cancel Your Policy if We do not receive evidence by the end of the seven day cancellation notice period"

So I promptly called back, and asked where this £75 fee was stated. The same woman proceeded to open her web browser and asked me to follow her instructions so I could see what part of the website it was shown in. At the bottom of the homepage, there was a link for their "Terms of Business". The woman was adamant, that was standard fee, and that I agreed to their terms of business when I took the policy out. I could see that this conversation was not going to progress any further and she was not going to back down or offer any reduction to this stupidly high fee, and thus I ended the call politely.

Find out how I recouped a small win, in the next post.

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