Monday, 10 February 2014

Save 11p per litre of fuel at Sainsburys

Hot off the press!

Save 11p per litre of fuel at Sainsburys.

I have just been been alerted to a promotion been run by Sainsbury. The caveats are that you need to be on their mobile network and you must top up.

You must top up £10 in store, and you will be provided with a coupon that permits 11p off a litre. By any means, I am not insinuating that you will save a large amount of money on this one, but if you already have a Sainsbury Pay As You Go sim card, and will utilise the minutes, then this is quite a bargain.

The calculations are as follows 
(for my average fuel top up):

Diesel costs £1.349 per liter.
50 liters will cost you 1.349 x 50 = £67.45

after your 11p discount:
Diesel now costs £1.239 per liter.
50 liters will now cost you 1.239 x 50 = £61.95

A discount of £5.50 (don't forget that you have just spent £10 on your PAYG sim card)

The discount get bigger if you have a larger fuel tank, (100 litres = £11 discount). Don't forget to take a large fuel can too ;)

But assuming that you already have a Sainsbury PAYG sim card, and you will use the £10 credit (perhaps as an emergency phone), then the savings are well worth it.

The promotion runs between the 10th of February until May 6th. So if you have multiple cars in the household, have large fuel tanks, and you have a credit hungry phone (young teen perhaps?), this might save you a few quid.

Edit: Phone top ups are eligible for double nectar points apparently, so if you save up for those, that is another incentive.

Further edit: I cannot find any viable reason to choose Sainsbury as my network provider, their rates are horrendous, so unless your absolutely sure you will use the minutes/texts/data (50p for 25MBs, pfft!!!), I cannot see any benefits. Or unless you have a large fuel tank, capable of filling up over a 100 liters.

You can view the promotion details on the Sainsbury site.

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