Thursday, 20 February 2014

Money Saving Apps and Sites: HUKD edition

Welcome to the "Money Saving Apps and Sites" feature on the site. The idea here is to list and discuss mobile apps, blogs and websites that are designed to help us save or earn money in our day to day life.

Money Saving Apps and Sites: HUKD edition

This post will focus on the amazing Hot UK Deals website.

This is a site that lets users post 'deals' and bargains, they find across any number of categories (mobiles, restaurants, kids, fashion, home, entertainment and so on). And other users get to see these deals, and vote on them (hot or cold) - depending on how good the deal is compared to the market value of the item.

The site also has a freebies and vouchers section that I frequent. A quick flick through the site, shows up some surprisingly good finds, and the comments can be quite insightful when purchasing an unfamiliar item. There are occasional trolls, but for the most part, you can learn of alternatives and how other people find the same item cheaper or even find amusing ways to use them. I have learnt a lot about frugality and money saving and tonnes of consumer advice from the vast number of commenters on the site. The search feature is great when you are looking for a specific item, for say a birthday or anniversary.

The downsides that I have found, is that it is possible to get addicted to the site and paying more than your budget allows for items that seem like a bargain. But if your disciplined and keep an eye out for things like fuel deals, money off vouchers and buy things that you will need (like washing powder or light bulbs), your guaranteed to save money.

Best of all, the site is view able on your computer or tablet/phone (there is a mobile app available too). This makes the site a brilliant way to while away a bit of time (when you've nothing better to do), and save a few quid on your essentials (or that unnecessary but cheap second laptop...).

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